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Our newsletter, The Hancock Historian, has been published since the 1990s and is filled with articles of interest to people conducting genealogical research in Hancock County, Maine.  If you have queries, articles, comments that you’d like to see published in the Hancock Historian, please feel free to contact us.  Current issues of the Hancock Historian are sent to all members of the Society.  To join the Society, please fill out and mail in your membership application which is located: HERE.

Note: Issues enclosed in brackets […..] are missing.  If you have a copy of that issue, please let us know so that we may copy it and include it here.

[no issue]        HH-1997-03                       HH-1997-06                                                  HH-1997-11

[no issue]         HH-1998-03      HH-1998-05      HH-1998-07      HH-1998-09      HH-1998-11

[no issue]         HH-1999-03      HH-1999-05      HH-1999-07      HH-1999-09      [HH-1999-11]

HH-2000-01      HH-2000-03      HH-2000-05      HH-2000-07      HH-2000-09     HH-2000-11

[no issue]          HH-2001-03      HH-2001-05      HH-2001-07      HH-2001-09      [HH-2001-11]

HH-2002-01      HH-2002-03      HH-2002-05      HH-2002-07      [HH-2002-09]    HH-2002-11

HH-2003-01      HH-2003-03      [HH-2003-05]    HH-2003-07      [HH-2003-09]    HH-2003-11

HH-2004-01       [no issue]         HH-2004-05      HH-2004-07    HH-2004-09        HH-2004-12

HH-2005-01      HH-2005-03     HH-2005-05       HH-2005-07      HH-2005-09      HH-2005-11

HH-2006-01      HH-2006-03     HH-2006-05      HH-2006-07     HH-2006-09      HH-2006-11

HH-2007-01      HH-2007-03      HH-2007-05      HH-2007-07     HH-2007-09     HH-2007-11

HH-2008-01      HH-2008-03      HH-2008-05      HH-2008-07     HH-2008-09       HH-2008-11

HH-2009-01      HH-2009-03      HH-2009-05      HH-2009-07     HH-2009-09     HH-2009-11

HH-2010-01      HH-2010-03      HH-2010-05      HH-2010-07     HH-2010-09      HH-2010-11

HH-2011-01      HH-2011-03      HH-2011-05      HH-2011-07      HH-2011-09      HH-2011-11

HH-2012-01     HH-2012-03      HH-2012-05      HH-2012-07      HH-2012-09                  HH-2012-12

HH-2013-01      HH-2013-03      HH-2013-05      HH-2013-07      HH-2013-09      HH-2013-11

HH-2014-02      HH-2014-04      HH-2014-06      HH-2014-08      HH-2014-10      HH-2014-12

HH-2015-02      HH-2015-04      HH-2015-06      HH-2015-08      HH-2015-10      HH-2015-12

HH-2016-02      HH-2016-04      HH-2016-06    HH201608~12-Part-1  HH201608~12-Part-2

[no issue]                      HH-2017-04      HH-2017-06     HH-2017-08                  HH-2017-11


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