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  1. I am looking for help finding information on my Ancestors, who lived during the 1750 -1850s, in the Sedgwick, Maine area. Please let me know if you can be of assistance.
    Thank You!
    Mary Lou Bolce

    Ancestor Information
    Moses Black: B: Apr 1751/53 York Maine D: 22 Dec 1829.
    He served in the Revolutionary War.
    Wife 1: Lydia Reed (1755-1829) M: 1779?
    Wife 2: Elizabeth Freethy Black: B: Aug 1765 York, Maine. D: 27 Feb,1860,
    Brookline, Hancock. M: 1792? need a source for this.
    Wife 3?: Elizabeth Merrill Black B: 15 Aug 1760 N Yarmouth, Cumberland, Me.
    D: 27 Feb, 1860 Newbury, Essex, Me. M: 1782.
    Son: Jothan Freethy Black: B: 1801, Sedgwick, Hancock, Maine. D: At Sea,
    Sulawesi Tengah, Indonesia.

    1).Were they married or lived together (Moses and Elizabeth F) I found
    a marriage record for Elizabeth Merrill, 1782, but not for Elizabeth Freethy
    2) Could Elizabeth Freethy have married a Merrill before Moses Black?
    3) Were there 2 Moses Blacks?
    4) I don’t have any birth records for Jothan Freethy Black. I need
    something supporting his birth/death and that he was Moses’ son.
    5) Jothan Freethy Black died at sea. I can’t find a source to confirm this. Any suggestions where I should look for this?

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